Video Unboxing – D&D Starter Set 2014

DnD_Starter_setD&D has been reborn and the first thing we can see is this D&D Starter Set box. After a long time of playtest, conversation, speculation, hopes and fears, D&D is reborn.

And it comes in a box! Whoohoo!!! (I like boxes!)

Of course this is just the start, a little taster of what’s to come and an inexpensive way to try the game and get people hooked before they decide to spend big money on books. As far as I’m concerned, that’s already a very clever move and one that’s gone a long way to make people happy.

However is what’s inside the box any good? WOTC has a lot to live up and people have very high expectations. And rightly so, D&D is very important to a lot of people and people want to see their game produced in the best possible way and to be the best game.

Well, this video won’t tell you if this is the best game, but it’ll show you what’s inside the box so you can make up your mind.

Hope you enjoy it!

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