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Video Interview – dV Giochi Dark Tales at Spiel 2014

By Paco Garcia Jaen Dark Tales is an Italian game based on fairy tales created by Pierluca Zizzi and published by Italian company dV Giochi. This is a very simple game that surprised me at the show firstly because of the incredible visuals and secondly because I could see a lot of people playing the…
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Video Interview – Aporta Games and Doodle City at Spiel 2014

Aporta Games released Doodle City at Spiel and it went down with the crowds like a dream. Hardly  a surprise since the game is everything you could want from a new game. The very simple gameplay and deceptively simple rules  hide a really good fun and strategic game in which players draw roads to build…
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Video Interview: Cranio Creations at Spiel 2014

After an interesting year, Cranio Creations was once again at Spiel with a new offering of games that looked really good. Hardly surprising. They always deliver the goods! I got together at the show with Giuliano Acquari to talk about Dungeon Bazar, Soquadro and Valentina, which will make the delights of anyone into comic books.…
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Interview: Ludonaute at Spiel 2014

Ludonaute is a darling company of mine. I really dig their games and I dig their people and so far they have never disappointed me. I keep saying (and I will keep saying) that French companies are the ones producing some of the best looking and best playing games out there. This year at Spiel…
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Video Interview – Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2014

I have a soft spot for Mindwarrior Games. Not just they are utterly charming people, they make tremendous games. Part of the Tactic Group, they are a relatively new addition to the company and they’re venturing further into the world of gaming. Last year they had a great selection of games and this year they…
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