Video Interview: Iello at Spiel 2014

Iello[1] Iello has gone from strength to strength for the last few years building up on the successes of games like King of Tokyo and others.

Every single year at Spiel they have improved their offering not just in the amount of games, but also in the space they make available for the public to try their games and how approachable they are as a company.

They are, quite frankly and honestly, a pleasure to deal with.

A combination of the *insane* amount of games they released at Spiel and that willingness to talk about their games is what made us want to have a longer interview and start the series of interviews from Spiel with them.

Find out about Zombie 15, King of New York, The Hare and the Tortoise, Guardian’s Chronicles and The Night of the Grand Octopus straight from Mathieu Bonin!

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