Video interview NSKN Games at Spiel 2014

pic1736767_t[1]It is no secret NSKN Games founders and designers Agnieszka and Andrei are good friends of mine and therefore my reviews and opinions are biased. Therefore they will always have some time from me when I go to Spiel, or the UKGE or whenever I go where they are.

The thing is, though, when they are as good as they are at what they do, there is no risk of me being wrong, or promoting their games under false pretences. Because, make no mistake, their games are *very* good.

You can tell by the way the numbers go down behind us as the interview went on.

Also when they are as good as they are on camera (even though Andrei thinks he isn’t and Agnieszka is actually rather shy, but you wouldn’t say that by just watching the interview) it’s very easy to get a great interview.

We talked about Progress: Evolution of Technology, Praetor and Versailles.

And if you don’t believe me… watch!

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