Spiel 2013 interviews – Episode 4

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spiel-logo12By Paco Garcia Jaen and Martin K. Reed

Another release with some more of the interviews we carried out at Spiel directly to your video stream!

In this episode:

AEG: One my favourite companies with a few great games and they keep coming up with some terrific games time and time again. This year they released Canalis at Spiel and we talked to Mark Wotton about it quite a lot. And of course we also talk about Smash Up and a great deal more!

Golden Egg Games: Elad Goldsteen, the one and only designer for this company has been extremely busy with some cool games. The Fallen City of Karez and City Council two of them that feature quite heavily!

The Historical Games Factory: I caught up with the publishers of Sigismundus Augustus: Dei Gratia rex Poloniae, a company that intends on turning history into a game and have fun with it. Lots of plans for the future!

Hobby World: The biggest games publisher in Russia, Hobby World has also been very successful in Kickstarter wth Seotikon: Uranium Wars. Timofey Bokarev gives us an insight on gaming in Russia, the company and their games too!

Iello: The publishers of King of Tokyo were kind enough to spend some time discussing their releases and giving us an idea of what the future releases will be, and Zombie 15 is one to look forward to. Not that they don’t have enough amazing games to keep us busy, mind you!

Dice+: Tablets and games are a combination made in heaven, and yet, there is still that niggling bit about not being able to use real dice with those games. Not anymore, though! Dice+ brings us a real dice that connects to your tablet and allows you to do all sorts of cool stuff. Watch and marvel!

Bezier Games is the last interview for this episode, though not the end of the interviews. Ted Alspach gives us a run down on their new releases, which include Ultimate Werewolf and more Suburbia.

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