Spiel 2013 interviews. Special Episode with Arctic Union

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spiel-logo123Arctic Union is an organisation that caught my eye a long time ago for being a collective of designers and publishers who decided to join forces and unite under one banner to showcase and sell their games.

And they’re a nice bunch of guys to boot, so we decided to do a special episode dedicated just to them and the games they brought to Spiel 2013.

Juha Salmijärvi gives us an introduction and overview of what Artic Union does and why , as well s talking to us about Revision Games, the publishers who have Iron Sky, the boardgame based on the movie, among its titles.

RollD6 Games: Eero Hulkkonen tells us about Jaa Sulaa, a game with ice, penguins and  fun for everyone. He also tells us about forthcoming releases and how to kill trolls with lights and mirrors!

Dragon Dawn: The brain behind this company, Timo Multamäki, tells us about Phantom League and tons more!

Lastly, but by no means least, we talk to the guys from Serpent’s Tongue, one of the most amazingly produced games and most intriguing I have in my collection. A game in which you have to learn the language of Magic to play it? Coloured me *very* interested!

For more information about Arctic Union and their games, please visit their website. It’s well worth it.

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