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Unboxing: Felinia

Recently, at the UK Games Expo I came across this game from Asmodee and Matagot. I knew nothing about it, but it has cats and it’s Matagot, so I had to have it because they produce truly gorgeous games.

So I have delved into the box and its contents and found out what’s inside and if it is any good.

Surprises galore inside!

UK Games Expo demo of Snowdownia

The level of preparation and development of this game by Tony Boydell really impressed me at the UK Games Expo. Apart from the fact that he has thought of pretty much anything and everything that makes Snowdownia a great place to visit he has also found out what has been a challenge in the past.…
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UK Games Expo interview with Keith Mallet, from ATB Games.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Keith Mallet from At the Board Games, who brought to the table two games I didn’t expect to be interested in and I was proven wrong!

Zoom-Zoom KABOOM! at the UK Games Expo

This is one of the interviews I had at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham 2012. Zoom-Zoom KABOOM! is a racing game in which you can, literally explode in mid race. Well, in the game, not in real life, I mean. I had the pleasure to talk to the enthusiastic designer, who also won the…
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Uk Games Expo 2012 interview with Mayfair Games CEO

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) supporter of the UK Games Expo is Mayfair games. The publishers and brains behind Settlers of Catan pretty much anywhere in the world make the heck of an effort to support conventions and exhibitions such as this, and we were lucky enough to catch up with Larry Roznai, the biggest brain in Mayfair, and ask him a bunch of questions about a bunch of everything.