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Interview with Samuel James Richard III from Tweet RPG at the UK Games Expo

Tweet RPG is a free online game that allows you to play through Twitter. I must admit the concept is not that easy for me to grasp, so I was very happy to chat with Samuel so he could explain everything!

Ragnar Brothers’ Anyways at the UK Games Expo

By Paco Garcia Jaen And the latest release from my foray into videoing at the UK Games Expo. I have never heard about Ragnar Brother’s or their games. Ever. So it would be unsurprising if you haven’t heard about them either, but Anyways caught my eye, mainly because I am dyslexic and words always catch…
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Smash Up demo at the UK Games Expo

By Paco Garcia Jaen During the UK Games Expo I was fortunate enough to play a round of Smash Up with Mark Wootton, who, although his business card says something else, is the Director of All Things Cool at Alderac Entertainment Group. He brought a prototype of Smash Up, a deck building game in which…
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UK Games Expo interviews

managed to get out of the booth and go out there to interview some interesting characters.

6d6 Shootouts: WILD WEST at the UK Games Expo

Another of the interviews we conducted at the UK Games Expo, this time with Chris Tregenza, from 6d6.

In this interview we take a look at Wild West, their latest release. We talk about the mechanics, ideas and atmosphere.