UK Games Expo News!

expologosq[1]Every year, Birmingham is host to the UK Games Expo, the biggest and most reputed games expo in the UK.

Covering pretty much all aspects of gaming, it is the perfect place to get your fix of Role Playing Games, Board Games, Card Games, tournaments, miniatures play, wargames. You will hardly find a place better stocked to provide the game you’ve been looking for. The biggest and best distributors, vendors and publishers will be there with an incredible stock of products for the eager gamer. The “Bring and Buy” area will ensure rarities, old classics and games you thought you’d never see again are available, so if you’re a collector, you will want to check this one out often.

New and exciting this year is that the UK Gaming Media Network, of which G*M*S Magazine is a proud member, is organising various panels on various subjects and we will be organising the Role Playing Games panel and we’re looking at the hottest and best RPG designers to come and tell us how they do it. This will be the perfect chance to ask them all the questions you always thought would not be able to ask!

The Boar Games panel will be organised and run by the amazing Michael Fox, from The Little Metal Dog blog and podcast and if you are into board games you will want to be at that one! From inspiration to trade secrets, all will be revealed for you!

The UKGMN will also front a panel on blogging and podcasting about games. If you always wanted to know how it’s done and never dared ask, this is your time to find out and, who knows, even join the UKGMN too!

There is more information in the seminar’s page of the UK Games Expo’s website, which will be regularly updated with the latest news.

Tickets will be available from mid-April, so keep an eye out and don’t miss the Expo this year as it promises to be the most exciting yet!

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