UK Games Expo interview with Keith Mallet, from ATB Games.

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277193_271835666174527_1700226805_n[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Keith Mallet from At the Board Games, who brought to the table two games I didn’t expect to be interested in and I was proven wrong!

Quadraughts is a new way to play Draughts, but with four people. I was always pretty bad at Draughts when I was growing up, but I figure out that if I play against three players rather than just one, there are more chances that another player will be even worse than me, so I won’t look so bad and maybe even get the chance to win sometime. I know it is unlikely, but one never knows!

Socceristic is also a pretty interesting game. Again one about something I have no interest in, Soccer. However this one plays a lot with dice and I like dice. Also means that if I am terrible at this game too, I can blame the die. A winner!

Hope you enjoy the interview!


Keith Mallet tells us about Quadraughts and Socceristic.


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