G*M*S Magazine Podcast RPG Edition Episode 45–What have games done for you with Scott F. Gray

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WeCanBeHeroesPreviewWelcome once again to the podcast! We’re getting close to 50!

In this episode, Jenn, Vickey, Dale and myself discuss what have games done for us and our lives, and also what do we think games can contribute to someone’s life. A very meaty subject that made the podcast be a bit longer than we would like, but hopefully you’ll find it insightful.

It was also my pleasure to have Scott F. Gray back in the show. As always, it was a pleasure talking to him, and it was indeed a pleasure to read his book, We Can Be Heroes. We talk about the book and its contents at length, though there are no spoilers, so don’t you worry.

The novel is not about games, but about gamers and their relationship at a time when they have to confront mercenaries, weapons, make new friends and all sorts of really cool action. I really liked the novel and you can read my review here, so hope this interview will give you all the excuses you need to buy this book.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

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