Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: 12 Realms

12_realmsMage Company released 12 Realms in Kickstarter and the game was sold at Spiel 2013 with all the extras that were obtained during the crowd-funding campaign.

We also did the unboxing video of this game to give our viewers a precise idea of the components of the game and miniatures and can be seen here.

Now we’ve sat down around the table and played the game for the first time. And without going into details I’ll tell you it didn’t go down as we wanted.

Bring a first time play we can’t say we got everything right and our opinions and impressions of the game are just indicative of the sort of issues you might find on a first time play. We don’t hold our punches, though and it’s fair to say we weren’t impressed with the game.

We’re hoping to soon have the publisher in the podcast for an interview so we can talk about the things we didn’t like about the game and what we might have missed.

Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the show!

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