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Chronicles of Future Earth

Chronicles of Future Earth with Sarah Newton

Chronicles of Future Earth is a roleplaying game 20 years in the making that I had the honour of watching from the start. And now you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy too! When I met Sarah and she invited me and another work colleague to her home to play Chronicles of Future Earth, I had…
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Huge miniatures display

Miniatures in RPGs – The RPG Room Podcast

Miniatures have been used before the time came when slaying dragons was common on the table. But people use them in many different ways and for different reasons. Having miniatures at the table can fit many purposes and many people use them for as many reasons. Since there are, literally, hundreds of companies that produce…
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Shadowrun: The best RPG ever written – The RPG Room

Since it came out so many years ago, Shadowrun has been the favourite game of connoisseurs and indies alike. It has inspired millions of people to look forward to a future where magic and science can coexist, and where computers are but the landscape of the mind. Indeed it has inspired pretty much any and…
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Podcast episode The RPG Room: X-Card and its detractors

I recently discovered the X-Card thanks to Jim. I had no idea it existed and it was a truly fantastic revelation that will grace my table from now on. For those of you who don’t know, the X-Card is an invention by John Stavropoulos that aims to stop discomfort at the table. As part of…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Games that are bad for the industry

What RPGs are bad for the industry? Are there any games you wish hadn’t come out? Both in Europe and in the USA, we have had some games that have hurt the industry, and some others that are hurting the industry and the hobby as a whole. Some games have helped contribute to the stigma…
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