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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room: 12 Realms with Alexander Argyropoulos

Recently we reviewed 12 Realms in the Boardgame Review room and somehow we managed to dislike it. A combination of expectations not being met, mechanics we didn’t like, length of time we didn’t expect… It didn’t sit down well with us. And yet a lot of people love it, so we thought we might have…
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Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: 12 Realms

Mage Company released 12 Realms in Kickstarter and the game was sold at Spiel 2013 with all the extras that were obtained during the crowd-funding campaign. We also did the unboxing video of this game to give our viewers a precise idea of the components of the game and miniatures and can be seen here.…
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Unboxing Video – 12 Realms by Mage Company

I have been a fan of 12 Realms since before it came out, if anything because I think the topic is really lovely. I never played the PNP version because I rarely spend time printing anything. It’s just not my thing, but the fact that people had been very complimentary of it anyway was very…
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