The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 36–Pathfinder novels with Dave Gross

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Prince_of_WolvesI know I keep saying this, but it is true, I am a lucky man interviewing tons of really cool and nice people. Few times this is truer than with Dave Gross.

PZO8505_500Editor of Dungeon Magazine for a long time, writer of tales and novels, editor or many a book and all round good guy, he talks about his latest novel and the characters he created. We talk about the behind the scenes of writing and how it is important to find the voice of the characters you’re writing about. And many more things.

Dale and I talk about the impact on long campaigns in groups and how a long campaign in a group where only one person runs as Games Master can feel stifling and leave you wanting to play other games. But has that happened to you?

Arc-WallpaperAnd I talk about Mystic Empyrean, a new game from Level 99 Games that came out from Kickstarter. Although I will be publishing a review soon, I will tell you now that this game has caught my imagination in a big way.

With a near-GM-less system, it uses a very peculiar conflict resolution system based on “The Balance”, a collection of cards, tokens or any other material to determine success or failure. To use it, you draw two element at random from The Balance. Depending how related to each other they are, you get a total or partial success, or a failure.

Empyrean-Realm-Tablet-WallpaperCharacter creation is cooperative, as it is character progression and world creation.

The artwork is superb and the whole book oozes quality. One to get if I were you!

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