Corpus Malicious – RPG Review

Corpus Malicious is a 400 pages book by the company Dream Realm Storytellers that explores evil characters, cults and general bad staff for your 5E game. Is it worth the amount of money you have to back in Kickstarter to get your hands on it? Let me tell you!

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This is a book for #DnD #ttrpg. In it you can find fantasy races like fallen angels, the remnant (though that can be any race: elf, dwarf, human, tiefling, dragonborn, orcs, gobbling…) and also a lot of magical items, cults, villains, paladins and many other playing character, and non-player character classes.

In this video I give you the review of the initial 40 pages booklet you can get for free before the project even ends.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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