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evil genius games red herring

Evil Genius Games disclaimer: a red herring?

Soon after some workers left Evil Genius Games, the company released a press note with the stance on AI work. Was that what brought up all this debacle?

Vaesen: Lost Mountain Saga Review

REVIEW: Lost Mountain Saga from Free League Publishing

The Lost Mountain Saga from Free League Publishing is based on the popular podcast series by Ellinor Dilorenzo and takes us through five adventures that won’t leave you cold.

Static Dawn review


Static Dawn is an oldschool biopunk RPG published by Frenzy Kitty games that takes minimal prep and reading time. You can buy Static Dawn from here: https://bit.ly/3yC7MV7 Static Dawn wants to bring us into a world where augmentations, corporations and decadence have brought a huge level of inequality to the world and ruined the livelyhoods…
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Conan Chicken Recipe for Dice & Slice

Conan’s Chicken recipe: Dice & Slice

This is a Chicken Recipe inspired by the Conan RPG from Modiphius for Dice & Slice. Conan has been a hero of many since Robert E. Howard released the series started in 1932 and it has seen many #rpg incarnations, but none like that of Modiphius. Although I already did a review of the game…
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Presentes for gamers

Presents for gamers

Presents for gamers sometimes are hard to come by and we can really get a headache wondering and thinking about what to give our friends when we have to buy something. With the festive season approaching (at the time of recording this video) it might be a good idea to have some plans to give…
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