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Conpulsion Episode 2–Landscape art with Paul Bourne and Paul Canavan

Second episode from the panels that took place at Conpulsion. Landscape art with Paul Bourne and Paul Canavan.

Both artists have extensive experience in creating landscape art in Role Playing games and Videogames and they’re only so happy to talk about their experiences, landscapes, software and the work they’ve done.

And with good reason. They’re bloody brilliant!

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But is it Art?

A little while ago, Robert Sullivan, aka The Grumpy Celt, posed the question Are Games Art?

This is indeed a very tricky question to answer, as the concept of art is very subjective and some people consider things to be art forms only when they understand and respect that form of expression.

So, since the answer to the question Could Games Be Art? is a resounding yes, answering the question are they art is a different kettle of fish.

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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast – Episode 28

In this episode Dale and I talk about Conception and the state of affairs for the indie conventions in the UK. Also talk about art direction and looks in RPG books. The conversation will take a more thorough and professional approach with Jon Hodgson, who was absolutely fantastic at answering rather tricky questions.

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Review – Command & Colors Napoleonics from GMT Games

Richard Borg has designed a series of games based on a similar system – Battle Cry, Memoir 44, Battlelore, Command & Colors Ancients and more latest incarnation of the system is Command & Colors Napoleonics. I’ve played them all and have a pretty good sense of how the core system works. Now just a couple pf points…

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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