The RPG Interview Room: OSR art with Denis McCarthy

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For very many valid reasons, a lot of people like OSR games. To play in a style of games that resemble and replicate the original games from so many years ago.

However, that movement has also received a lot of criticism for some people seem to be stuck in the old ways beyond those of gaming. Some posts that could be considered insensitive or out of place have given place to a reputation that would suggest the OSR movement is a very toxic one.

Iit is pretty clear, though, that not all things are bad and there are a lot of people doing what they can to eradicate bad tropes and bring a more modern social environment reflection into an old style of gaming.

As I am very interested in art, I had to interview someone who does artwork in a diverse and inclusive manner for that movement and find out where things are now and where they could be going in the not-too-distant future.

Denis McCarthy has been creating enough artwork for enough time to understand the market and he is indeed good at it. And has a passion for inclusivity and diversity. So… how does he manage in an environment that is so seemingly toxic?

Let’s find out!

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