Video Interview – GenX at Spiel 2014

pic2041077_t[1]If something can be said about GenX Games is that they are uncompromising with their games. They publish what they like to publish and think it’s fun and, more often than not, they get it right!

This past Spiel they came out with “The Possession”, a homage to the Evil Dead movie and its genre.

With all the fear, blood and demonic presence, this game puts the players in the shoes of some young people who have to survive the night and try not to become demons themselves.

Mind you, they can indeed turn into demons, which can be interesting from the gaming point of view because it turns the players against other players in which is otherwise a cooperative game.

I spoke to Servando Carvallar, from the company to find out more about this rather unique game.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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