The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 89–La Puerta de Ishtar, how much is too much detail and Gygax Magazine

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GygaxMagazineThe joy of being able to speak more than language (two in my case) is that you can read books in all those languages, which is what I’ve done this time.

I realise that the attractive might be less for you if you can’t speak Spanish, but I have recently been very gladly surprised by La Puerta de Ishtar, as you might know if you’ve read my review here. Taking advantage that Jenn and Vickey were going to be around for a chat, I thought I’d talk with them about it.

We also discussed when is detail too much detail in a world. Do you need to create your own measurements system? And your own currency? And your own economy?

We also talked about Gigax Magazine and take a close look at the first issue, what we liked, what we didn’t like and what we hope the magazine will have to offer in the future.

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2 Responses

  1. This is Susan the community manager for Gygax Magazine. I wanted to thank you for your feedback and address some of your questions about the magazine.

    1. We are now selling single issues through Paizo and Noble Knight Games. I haven’t gone through the checkout process internationally, but I suspect it will be more affordable for that segment of readers to get the magazine.

    The only subscription option is on our website,and shipping internationally is $8 an issue.

    2. We did not have a distributor in place when we first published and that is why it has taken so long for the magazine to get into stores. We are now represented by ACD for those interested. The magazine will start appearing in stores soon.

    3. I will let the editors know your thoughts about the magazine. Very good points. I too am looking forward to seeing a) more international writers and b) more women contributors. Our first issue had some amazing female artists, including Alyssa Faden who just completed a successful Kickstarter.

    We have submission guidelines up on the website now for those who want to contribute.

    • Thank you so much for your reply Susan. I think it’s safe to say you guys are doing a fantastic job and the initial hiccups won’t be stopping me from supporting you as best I can for as long as I can afford it! 🙂

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