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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Fire in the Blood with Erin M. Evans

Fire in the Blood is the second book Erin M. Evans has published for the epic series of “The Sundering”. The Sundering is a collection of novels by some of the best writers out there in which the Forgotten Realms suffer an enormous transformation to bring the world of Dungeons & Dragons into its most…
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G*M*S Magazine Writing competition submission by Porrick Rasdole

By Porrick Rasdole I’m in front of a door. It’s dripping with green ichor running from deep veins of engraved masonry. It’s growing each step I take towards it. It takes deep breaths and exhales a sickly mist from vents along its top. My legs trembled and I fall to my knees. My arm is…
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Minerva–a story for our Writing Competition

By Ishi Shen To lovers of history, the hidden and the arcane, I give you the story of Minerva, recorded for posterity. I was born on the human constructed planet called Minerva. Nowadays astro-construction seems just ordinary, but Minerva was the first of its kind. My parents signed up to the all-American adverts, the promise…
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The G*M*S Magazine Writing Competition has started!

Calling all short-story writers out there! G*M*S Magazine, in partnership with The Creativity Hub, is calling on writers to submit short stories for their first fiction-writing charity competition. The competition is open to writers of any age, experience or part of the world, and entries will be accepted between the 21st of July and 31st…
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UK Games Expo Seminar: Write your own Roleplaying Game

Pretty much any and every roleplaying gamer has, at some point, wanted or thought about write an RPG. And most of us have found the task daunting. With fairly good reason… it’s not something that makes itself! So hopefully this seminar will give you a bit of inspiration and guidance on the process to undertake…
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