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Static Dawn review

Static Dawn is an oldschool biopunk RPG published by Frenzy Kitty games that takes minimal prep and reading time.

You can buy Static Dawn from here:

Static Dawn wants to bring us into a world where augmentations, corporations and decadence have brought a huge level of inequality to the world and ruined the livelyhoods of millions.

You must be thinking that there are lots of games that already offer that, and you are totally right, so what does this game have to offer?

Well, for starters a very simple system with a very good and dramatic way to trace wounds and the resistance of the characters, as well as a massive wealth of information in a very small book. Perfect for those of you in a rush.

In this video I give you an overview of what you will find if you buy this book and a quick overview of how it plays and what you can find inside.

Hope you enjoy!

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