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Video Seminar Red Dwarf’s Chris Barrie at the UK Games Expo

A massive hit at the time and a cult series with enduring charm to this day, Red Dwarf has a lot of lessons to teach to modern day productions. The way it’s captivated an audience with an unique sense of humour and cast of unlikely characters not being the smallest feat. To have one of…
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Video Seminar – Meet the Big Companies at UK Games Expo

One of the highlights of the UK Games Expo was to be able to get some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to sit around a table and discuss games, gaming and a bit of Kickstarter. Had the pleasure of having Christian Petersen from Fantasy Flight Games, Bob Carty from Mayfair Games (we…
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Video Seminar – Board Game Production at UK Games Expo

What does it take to actually publish a board game? Board Games production is something many, many people have wanted to get a stab at. With Kickstarter having democratised the  publishing process quite dramatically, more and more companies are popping up and having a go. I got together with three industry professionals from different companies.…
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Video Interview – Shanna Germain and Monte Cook at UK Games Expo

The UK Games expo organisers had the great idea of bringing Sahnna Germain and Monte Cook to the show this years, which is indeed very, very good. Monte and Shanna are two very well known and, by the look of their games and quality of their production, some of the most professional and passionate people…
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Video – Dragonmeet seminar with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson

Every year at Dragonmeet we have some seriously cool seminars and we couldn’t wait to get this one out and about for all to enjoy. Ian Livingstone is one of the most vocal and approachable faces of the gaming industry and, together with Steve Jackson and friends, some of the most influential figures in gaming…
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