Video Seminar – Board Game Production at UK Games Expo

UKGE_logoWhat does it take to actually publish a board game?

Board Games production is something many, many people have wanted to get a stab at. With Kickstarter having democratised theĀ  publishing process quite dramatically, more and more companies are popping up and having a go.

I got together with three industry professionals from different companies. Each company with their own portfolio of games and different size companies to find out what common issues they all have and what new challenges dealing with licenses and large production bring compared with smaller production.

And vice versa!

In this seminar at the UK Games Expo I welcome Agnieszka Kopera, designer and publisher from NSKN Games, Dave Braswha, designer and publisher from Backspindle Games and Justin Ziran, president of Wizkids.

Hope you enjoy the panel!

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