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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Tre Grisby and L.U.G. Con

Online conventions are a logical step in the socialising scene for a lot of hobbies. Probably any hobby, to be honest. The possibility of getting “together” with other people who share a passion and talk, play and share ideas together. That is exactly what Tre’ Grisby thought when he decided to create L.U.G. Con, an…
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New cover for the new edition of The One Ring Roleplaying Game

Cubicle 7 have announced they will be opening the pre-order for the revised edition ofThe One Ring™ Roleplaying Game in June and have released the new cover, by Jon Hodgson. The One Ring Roleplaying Game is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Chock full of incredible artwork by leading…
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Are elitist and mega high-quality RPG editions hurting the hobby?

By Paco Garcia Jaen Recently one of my contacts in Spain gave his opinion about the high quality of roleplaying games productions and how the prices of books might be hurting the market. He questions if having cheaper books with fewer illustrations and simpler layout would make for cheaper print-runs and thus affordability so more…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Mindjammer with Sarah Newton

I have been looking forward to seeing Mindjammer for a long time. The Space Opera game that will probably set a new precedent for future sci-fi games is finally almost here and I am seriously looking forward to seeing what Sarah Newton is going to bless our gaming shelves with. I came across Mindjammer years…
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RPG Review – Heroes of the Storm

By Paco Garcia Jaen Heroes of the Storm came to my attention at Spiel in 2013 when I visited the stand of Mindwarrior Games. Their passion and enthusiasm for their games really caught my eye and seeing they carry both board and role playing games was an added bonus. They were kind enough to provide…
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