The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 102–I Am Zombie with Mark Rein-Hagen

3119103_origBy Paco Garcia Jaen

It is no secret that I like zombies. If they were real, I’d pet them. However, even I must admit that in the last few years they’ve been done to death and even the latest TV series based on successful comic books use them as a means to study human relationships and introspection, not as a credible enemy unless they’re for opportunistic plot advancement.

Yes, I think that’s what most movies do.

When I heard that Mark Rein-Hagen was working on a game called I Am Zombie I was curious; even interested. Firstly and mainly because Mark is the man behind Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness series. Probably the most influential role playing games series since Call of Cthulhu (probably… I could be wrong and you’re welcome to argue that point).

So, after meeting him at the UK Games Expo, I asked him to come for an interview. I promise you, what I heard, I didn’t know expect and what I heard pleased me.

In fact it pleased me so much and I was (am!) so taken by this man’s genuineness and passion for the hobby that I have left in the swear words, so this episode is not all that family friendly. Sorry about that.

I am Zombie is not in Kickstarter and, please please please, consider backing this project when you’ve finished listening to the podcast. Please.

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