The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 113–Interview with Gobion Rowlands

I am not particularly good at Science Fiction. In fact I am pretty terrible because when I try to write it I leave so many holes that the story becomes unworkable. And then I can’t be bothered to repair the holes because I’m a lazy bugger.

Butt people like Gobion Rowlands have a talent for it, which is just as well because otherwise we’d never have good Sci-Fi.

Having said that, I didn’t know about him until Angus Abranson from Chronicle City. “He’s a great guy to interview, Paco” he said, “you should have him in the podcast”.

And who am I to argue with him?

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RPG Killers

It came to me recently that generally, when we play an RPG, we have no problem killing anything that threatens us. Organic or not, aberration or natural creature, extraplanar or our very own kin. If we jump on a fight in a game, we’re able to kill our enemy without even blinking an eyelid in contemplation or remorse.


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G*M*S Magazine turns three!

Yes friends, three years ago G*M*S Magazine started as a means to write my own reviews and stir up some interest in games, as well as get new games to write the reviews of.

As it turned out, I didn’t get anywhere as many games as I thought I would, I got more reviews than I thought I could and the website became bigger than I ever thought possible.

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