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Podcast episode- The RPG Interview Room: Timewatch with Kevin Kulp

By Paco Garcia Jaen Time travel is one of those subjects that fascinate people throughout the Science Fiction and Fantasy spectrum and Timewatch wants to do something about it. There are tons of movies, novels and games that do their best with the subject, but with something like traveling the waves of time, it’s tough…
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Podcast Episode 50–RPGs with Robin D. Laws and Stone Skin Press

Very quickly after the previous podcast, It is my pleasure to bring you episode 50, which is a landmark I never thought I’d achieve. And yet, here it is and it’s all thanks to you, the listeners.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 22 – Dragonmeet

Organised by Cubicle 7 and run by an amazing gang of volunteers, it is a one day convention where traders, publishers and gamers get together.

Why RPGs aren’t mainstream anymore.

For the last few days I have been reading the excellent Designers & Dragons from Mongoose Publishing. If you haven’t read my review on that book yet, please do read it. I mention there all the reasons you need to want to have this book on your shelves.

Judge a book by (more than) its cover!

Let me make this clear. I am sick and fed up of big companies selling us badly designed books. I am sick and fed up of companies selling us very expensive books we don’t need. I am sick and fed up of companies selling us fluff material that doesn’t enhance the gaming experience enough to justify the expense.