The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 22 – Dragonmeet

imageEvery year we get to go to Dragonmeet in London.

leisure_gamesOrganised by Cubicle 7 and run by an amazing gang of volunteers, it is a one day convention where traders, publishers and gamers get together.

This year I tried to record the talks from Ian Livingstone, Cubicle 7, Indie publishers and Pelgrane Press, but, I am shamed to say my recorder failed me, or the memory card did, and all the files have been corrupted.

Pelgrane-Press-LtdThank goodness I had another recorder (always be prepared, right?) and some interviews with Leisure Games, Post Mortem Studios, Pelgrane Press and Tin Man Games.

SBG-AlbionDale and I also talk about what’s hot in the industry and what’s hot in the Christmas lists this year.

TinManGames_logoAnd there is another giveaway. If you want to enter the competition, just leave feedback about this podcast in iTunes and you will be entered in all draws until we run out of games to give away. So yes, you could win more than one thing!

Feedback, as always, very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you, so please email us at!


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