Podcast episode- The RPG Interview Room: Timewatch with Kevin Kulp

TimeWatch-cover-300By Paco Garcia Jaen

Time travel is one of those subjects that fascinate people throughout the Science Fiction and Fantasy spectrum and Timewatch wants to do something about it.

There are tons of movies, novels and games that do their best with the subject, but with something like traveling the waves of time, it’s tough to come up with something truly convincing, specially if you have or want to interact with it.

That is what Timewatch attempts to do.

The role playing game by Kevin Kulp uses the Gumshoe system, which powers Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents and other games published by Pelgrane Press.

With a very successful campaign that saw the game funded in a matter of days and then unravelled stretch goal after stretch goal,  I wanted to find out why it had attracted so much attention, so I had Kevin Kulp around the interview room to have a chat and find out about him and his game.

As someone who was very sceptical, I had quite a few questions to ask. And I got some really convincing answers!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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