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Maximising Sales with Jason Nelson: The RPG Interview Room

Maximising sales in the RPG market is real hard. In fact getting sales in the RPG market is hard. ¿Is it that there are too many products out there, or that there is a lacking in the sales process understanding? Jason Eric Nelson has been learning how to, and selling very well, a lot of…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Legendary Planet Adventure Path

Legendary Games has been creating some impressive material for quite some time now. With a great ability to surround themselves with terrific writers, they hit the mark very, very often. Now Legendary Games have joined forces with a terrific plethora of authors to create Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a very interesting take on the fantasy…
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Podcast Episode: The RPG Interview Room – Legendary Games with Rachel Ventura and Jason Nelson

Legendary Games has been creating Pathfinder material for a while now and they do indeed know what they’re doing. Our very own Endzeitgeist has written numerous reviews of their products and more often than not he’s very complimentary, which is a good sing indeed! It seems that now they’re setting themselves up for something bigger…
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Order Pokemon – Legendary Treasures

Pokemon, one of the most popular card games of today, has yet another booster box released. The Legendary Treasures booster box is the eleventh expansion pack and the final of the black and white Pokemon series. This final booster box is based on the Japanese EX Battle Boost which was released on the 13th July…
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Kickstarting your game UK Games Expo seminar video

Have you ever thought about funding your game in Kickstarter? Me neither, but quite a few people have and we thought it’d be a good idea to organise a panel at the biggest games convention in the UK so the attendees could have an insight and get some proper good advice. With Andrei Novak, from…
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