NSKN Legendary Games interview at UK Games Expo

photo[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

You thought we had forgotten the UK Games Expo? Well, I am pleased to say no!

The goodness continues to sip through as we put together the videos of the interviews the Uk Gaming Media Network carried out.

This time, it is my pleasure to bring you the interview with Andrei Novac, one of the minds behind NSKN Legendary Games, creators of Warriors & Traders, a game that mixes strategy with euro mechanics very, very nicely.

But since we already have a video unboxing Warriors & Traders, I spoke with Andrei about Wild Fun West and Exodus: Proxima Centuri. And yes, that makes Spiel 2012 even more attractive.

Enjoy the video!

Paco G. Jaen interviews Andrei Novac from NSKN Legendary Games
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