Order Pokemon – Legendary Treasures

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1377777490-59135200[1]Pokemon, one of the most popular card games of today, has yet another booster box released. The Legendary Treasures booster box is the eleventh expansion pack and the final of the black and white Pokemon series.

This final booster box is based on the Japanese EX Battle Boost which was released on the 13th July 2013. The set is one that does not have any associated theme decks. The theme decks will be based on the Pokemon X and Y starters. This is only the second pack in Pokemon history to not have an associated theme.

The Pokemon Legendary Treasures booster box features 13 EX cards and 7 full art cards. 10 of the EX reprints are from previous expansion packs while 3 are brand new. These include Chandelure-EX, Excadrill-EX and Meloetta-EX. In total the expansion pack contains 138 cards with a subset of 25.

You can now order the Pokemon Legendary Treasures booster box. Head to Magic Madhouse and you will find the latest release from the Pokemon collection. Remember you have a 10% discount on your first order by entering the code GMS10 for orders over £40.



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