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Board game Alien Artifacts Interview at Spiel 2017

Board game interview: Alien Artifacts at Spiel 2017

You won’t believe how enthusiastic Ignacy is about Alien Artifacts. And why! And you won’t believe how much I want to play this game now! You see, there is something about Ignacy Trzewiczek, and I don’t mean a surname that makes my dyslexic mind go into a frenzy whenever I have to type it –…
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Richard Garfield Bunny Kingdom

Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom: Any good?

Richard Garfield’s Bunny Kingdom is the designer’s newest through Iello. What can we expect from this title? Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering has managed to have success after success after success. King of Tokyo, King of New York, Netrunner and Android: Netrunner, Star Wars CCG and many, many others. Having an area…
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The RPG Interview Room: How to design encounters with Kevin Watson

Very often we find encounters during our adventures that are, quite frankly, appalling. Truly unsatisfying either because they are too hard, too easy, the monsters don’t really matter or, simply, it makes no sense. Designing encounters is a tad harder than it might appear, so I invited Kevin Watson, from Dark Naga Adventures, to come…
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Maximising Sales with Jason Nelson: The RPG Interview Room

Maximising sales in the RPG market is real hard. In fact getting sales in the RPG market is hard. ¿Is it that there are too many products out there, or that there is a lacking in the sales process understanding? Jason Eric Nelson has been learning how to, and selling very well, a lot of…
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Fenris Games and how to survive as a modeller: The G*M*S Magazine Podcast

Fenris Games has been at the forefront of miniatures creation for a very long time. They know the business and what it takes to survive. Having a modelling company and producing miniatures is a lot more glamorous from the consumer side than the side of the business and staying abreast of the market is a…
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