Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Mistborn Dice with Alex Flagg

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Mistborn Dice Kickstarter projectThe Mistborn Dice Kickstarter project is the latest and most recent project by RPG publishers Crafty Games.

The creators of the Mistborn Adventure Game, based on the novels by author Brandon Sanderson, also released a series of customised dice at the time of releasing the game just over two years ago. Those dice flew off the shelf and I was lucky enough to get a couple of sets for posterity.

Now the Crafty team are on Kickstarter with their first project to fund a new production batch of dice to play with their rather excellent game.

But why are those dice important? What’s about them that makes it worth pledging and backing this project?

Well, no one better than the project creator, Alex Flagg to let us know all about it.

Hope you enjoy the show!


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