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How to deal with LGBTQI characters around the table.

Let’s concentrate on the people who don’t know how to deal with characters who are non-straight. I am prepared to believe some don’t know how to deal with that because there are people who live in areas where it is less accepted, there are less outed people or whatever other reason. I am going to…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Orphan Characters

RPGs are home to too many orphan characters. Characters with no past, no grounding or no substance. Often we see people who create characters and have no background whatsoever, or want to have the “mysterious” character with no past. A character that will take as close to zero as possible effort to play because they…
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Review: Kuro – Part three. The rules

For those just joining us, you might want to jump back a few pages, and take a look at the previous parts of this review, looking at the setting information, and character creation. Now, if you’re all caught up, we’ll take a look at how the system works.

Not-always-lethal illnesses and conditions your players should be aware of! Part one!

It is quite incredible what we put our characters through sometimes. They get cut, slashed, slammed, cursed, tied, imprisoned, hacked, bitten… the list goes on and on. But they very rarely get sick. Very rarely they get an illness that would incapacitate them partially for a few adventuring days.

Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein free maps

Iain Lowson, the creator of Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein, has announced today that the downloads page has been updated with new and free material. First up are the two Map Packs of Promethea. These are brand new as of the 1st of July.  (Please note, the map download is for personal use only.…
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