6d6 Shootouts: WILD WEST at the UK Games Expo

fetch[1]Another of the interviews we conducted at the UK Games Expo, this time with Chris Tregenza, from 6d6.

In this interview we take a look at Wild West, their latest release. We talk about the mechanics, ideas and atmosphere.

From the publisher’s website:

6d6 Shootouts: WILD WEST recreates all the excitement of a western gunfight in a quick-to-learn, fast-to-play game for two to six players. Winning takes a sharp mind, a little bit of luck and a willingness to shoot people in the back.

In this book you’ll find everything you need to know to play. From first principles to building your own character and running a tournament, it is all here. There is no need to memorise pages and pages of information – apart from a few obscure little rules, everything can be learnt by playing a couple of rounds of the game. In fact we recommend you stop reading this, get the cards out, turn to the Quick Start section and get playing.

If you have played the 6d6 Role-Playing Game (RPG) many of the concepts in this game will be familiar to you, but there are some important difference. Whereas the RPG is all about the players deciding what each card can be used for, in 6d6 Shootouts everything is precisely defined.


The Wild West on your table!
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