Podcast episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Serpent’s Tongue

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serpents_tongueFor a long time now I have been looking forward to playing Serpent’s Tongue, a game I came across at Spiel at the Arctic Union booth. The game looked just gorgeous and the premise was seriously alluring; two magi battle by casting spells against each other.

Presented like that you’d be forgiven for thinking I am just getting carried away and that there are many other battling games out there. You’d be right, but no… you’d be wrong.

This game has something unique. In this game you actually have to cast the spells by reading the symbols of magic and learning their pronunciation and their somatic component. You actually have to learn what sort of spell it is, how to pronounce the beautiful magic alphabet and develop your strategy to defeat your enemy.

The game comes more than a hundred spells, of which you can only use a handful in each battle, thus having a bit of deck building element to it.

So Michael Chamberlain and I got together, pulled the spells book and followed the walkthrough to learn to play this game.

This is our experience! Hope you enjoy the show!

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