Flowscape 1.5 review. Perfect illustration tool for your RPGs

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flowscape review

Flowscape 1.5 is a landscape generation software that allows you to create amazing looking images with minimum effort and knowledge for an unbeatable price.

I discovered Flowscape recently when it was still on its 1.2 version of the software. It could already do some absolutely amazing stuff and I bought it on sight when I watched the demo videos.

At the time I paid 12$ that now have been reduced to 10$, which is even more amazing, because I would gladly pay 25$ or 30$ for this piece of software. It is THAT good.

Flowscape is based on the Unity render engine and it works in real time. Unity is a free render engine with some years under its belt that has been used by amateurs and professionals alike to create all sorts of applications and games.

Although it is not as powerful as some commercially available engines, like the Unreal engine, the fact is that it offers a fantastic performance for a freebie.

Now, Flowscape might not be an obvious tool for the RPG world, but the fact is that with a very good amount of buildings, stones, landscape tools, light, plants, animals… and a fantastically easy to use interface, it is the perfect tool to create some images to illustrate our adventures and games in just a few seconds.

No… I am not exaggerating. You can create good looking illustrations in seconds.

Flowscape uses a mix of procedural and set 3d models to create the environments. Procedural stones, twigs, branches, trees, bushes and shrubs can provide with a natural looking environment, whereas more than 50 models of houses, towers, market booths and objects can provide with more than enough inspiration to create towns, hamlets and markets.

Take a look at your creation from the top and you have an absolutely fantastic map. Make a very high resolution render export and you can print it to your hearts content with textures, shadows, reflections…

Seriously, take a look at this video and see for yourself. The video is in real-time and absolutely nothing has been altered.


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