Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars: The RPG interview room

Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars is a documentary by filmmaker Elisabeth de Kleer that takes a look at the inside of some jails in the USA and the effect that playing D&D has on some of the inmates.

It’s well know and spoken about how playing Dungeons & Dragons has many potential benefits on people. Playing behind bars can be the difference between someone having hope for a future and a chance to establish healthy relationships inside a system that has been designed for punishment and not rehabilitation.

In Let’s Play: Dungeons & Dragons Behind Bars, the idea is to showcase the positive impact that playing has on people that, in some cases, don’t know anything else other than jail time. People who have a lot less chances of stay out of jail when they finally get out of jail (if they can).

I had the enormous pleasure of talking to the filmmaker, Elisabeth de Kleer, experience film and documentary maker for many major TV and online channels, about it. Alas the interview only lasts for about one hour, because I could have spent hours and hours talking about this topic.

Truly hope you enjoy this one and please, take a look at the Kickstarter. It is for one of the best causes I have ever seen in the world of RPGs.

You can listen to this podcast in iTunes and Stitcher too. You can download the episode from here.

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