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The RPG a Day 2019 initiative starts like every August and this year comes with some differences. Like this year is just a word as a prompt, and the first one is… well… First.

This year, the RPG a Day 2019 initiative has changed and instead of asking a bunch of questions, it is just giving a word for inspiration. The first word is First and I thought it would be a good time to talk about my first experiences with RPGs and how they weren’t all that good.

Below is a transcript of the video (with some creative transcripting thanks go Google!).

hello everybody and welcome to the RPG at a 2019 all rise for mister autocratic himself now this year instead of having a question it’s going to have just a prompt so every day hopefully every day.

I’m going to try to give you a single dropped so first prompt first don’t know to talk about first time indeed. To be honest I’m going to make a disclaimer now okay: these videos I am NOT going to think about them very, very much okay. I’m just going to go with it so first okay let’s go first let’s go to first what do they play first the first things I played we’re a D&D and Lord of the Rings, the boxed set, and you know they were terrible games oh my god at first I’m not joking they were terrible regardless of whether they games themselves you know that the rule says everything we’re good or not um that was more so subjective things but I tell you, the first few games I play were absolutely appalling. So much so that if I think about them now I don’t know how I got into role-playing games in the first place because at the time you know we’re talking 30 years ago pretty much and I had no idea what we were doing I started as a player and there was very much a won against everybody sort of idea on gameplay I really didn’t like it I just put up with it I guess because whilst we were playing it was fun at the time being a lot younger I didn’t think about character progression creation or anything at all like that so I didn’t matter if characters just died okay though I did make another Wang and that’s it now there are nowadays I am a little more invested in my character and make it last and grow and explore that character but with Lord of the Rings specifically with the MERP game I remember in the first game I was killed by a couple of large lizards who beat us to death and it was incredibly frustrating so frustrating to overcome that but we persevered we try the gang we made new characters we started once more and so later on I was I was running my first campaign my first campaign that I run with a bit more seriousness it was darts um I’ve been playing for a while after before that for the first few games I’m not kidding looking back they were absolutely appalling me and my friends had no idea what we were doing no clue how to use the rules and you know what I’m really grateful that I’ve managed to learn how to control that now and I’ve learned enough theory to keep a balance between the rules and how to create my characters and my adventures on my campaigns and how to use the rules for what I like and my friends enjoy but the first few games yeah I really wouldn’t want anybody to have that experience not joking they were absolutely terrible anyway first what about you look forward to seeing your videos in this RPG are they 2019 remember to subscribe to the channel so you get notifications when we upload the following videos give me a thumbs up or thumbs down if you have enjoyed this video or not leave me your comments I look forward to hearing from you and I will talk to you very very soon.

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