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In medias res: The G*M*S RPG Academy

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In Medias Res is a very well known and used term that can make a huge difference to how your games are received. But, what is the best way to use it? I tell you in this video.

When we use In-medias-res in an adventure, we are doing something powerful because we are taking some of the agency away from the player. Instead of giving a choice to stay or flee at the start of a conflict or event, we are forcing them to stick around and deal with the situation as best they can.

That sometimes can feel forced or contrived, and takes a lot of freedom away from the players. However, throwing the players onto something in-medias-res also gives an enormous amount of tension to whatever is happening.

In this video I tackle a few of the situation sin which it can be used and describe a couple of products that have managed to use this method with great success.

Have you ever used it? When was the last time you dropped your player’s character in the middle of the action without warning?

I would love to know what you think of in-medias-res.

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