Fantastic Maps: The Ship’s Graveyard

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Seek the final resting place of the great ships with the Kobold!

Jonathan Roberts cartographer for Kobold Quarterly, Sunken Empires, and Coliseum Morpheuon, presents another Fantastic Map: "The Ship’s Graveyard." Take your adventures to the silty bottom of the cold, briny deep and fight amongst the broken hulks. This map originally illustrated the adventure The Wreck of the Goodwife in Kobold Quarterly #13.

This multi-page PDF allows you to print out the battlemap at a 1 square=1 inch scale and is also available in a printer-friendly light grayscale version. Fully printed, this map is 5 foot to a side – 25 square feet of watery peril. Now a sinking ship is just the start of your players problems.

The pack also contains high-resolution Jpegs of the map with and without grids for you to print out as a poster map, or for use in your virtual tabletop of choice – along with pngs of a runic spiral, the heart of a whirlpool and an anchor compass. The file also contains two maptool campaign files set up for quick use in the 4.0 version of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and its 3.5 thriving spiritual successor. The Maptool files require Maptool 1.3b84 or newer to work.

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