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Video Unboxing – Titanium Wars by Iello

By Paco Garcia Jaen Sci-Fi games are all the rage at the moment and Titanium Wars is Iello’s turn to have a stab at a very popular market. Released in 2013, this game will have you trading for a rare and powerful commodity, Titanium in order to expand your technological horizons and increase your intake.…
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Video episode – Spiel 2013 interviews – Episode 5

Last of the episodes with the interviews we recorded at Spiel 2013. We have left some of the very best for the last episode, so sit back and enjoy because we talked to: Krosmaster Arena. One of my favourite (if not my favourite) game of 2013, Krosmaster has featured heavily in my game shop and…
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Spiel 2013 interviews. Special Episode with Arctic Union

Arctic Union is an organisation that caught my eye a long time ago for being a collective of designers and publishers who decided to join forces and unite under one banner to showcase and sell their games. And they’re a nice bunch of guys to boot, so we decided to do a special episode dedicated…
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Spiel 2013 interviews – Episode 4

By Paco Garcia Jaen and Martin K. Reed Another release with some more of the interviews we carried out at Spiel directly to your video stream! In this episode: AEG: One my favourite companies with a few great games and they keep coming up with some terrific games time and time again. This year they…
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Video interviews – Spiel 2013 interviews. Episode 3

The third episode in our series of interviews at Spiel 2013.