Game-Salute-Web-Button-300x300To finish with the two special episodes and we’re going to do it with a bang!

Since its birth just a few years ago, Game Salute has gone, not just from strength to strength, but has also helped greatly to shape the way games funded in Kickstarter have reached the backers.

Starting as a fulfilment company and reaching the publisher status with terribly successful games, as well as incorporating companies like Clever Mojo Games to the portfolio of acquisitions and gathering an 18 strong team, Game Salute’s success can only be consider a meteoric.

So I thought it’d be interesting to have a chat with Dan Yarrington, the mastermind behind Myriad games and Game Salute to see if we could unveil some of the secrets that have made his companies so successful.

We got a lot!

But of course the podcast wouldn’t be as amazing without the intervention of Dr Mike Reddy and Kara Gander. This time we discuss if using freelancers in gaming is a good or a bad idea… What do you think?

Hope you enjoy the show!

As always, feedback is extremely appreciated and you can send us an email at We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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