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The G*M*S Magazine Writing Competition has started!

Calling all short-story writers out there! G*M*S Magazine, in partnership with The Creativity Hub, is calling on writers to submit short stories for their first fiction-writing charity competition. The competition is open to writers of any age, experience or part of the world, and entries will be accepted between the 21st of July and 31st…
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G*M*S Magazine turns three!

Yes friends, three years ago G*M*S Magazine started as a means to write my own reviews and stir up some interest in games, as well as get new games to write the reviews of.

As it turned out, I didn’t get anywhere as many games as I thought I would, I got more reviews than I thought I could and the website became bigger than I ever thought possible.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Anniversary episode 80.5–Game Salute with Dan Yarrington

To finish with the two special episodes and we’re going to do it with a bang!

Since its birth just a few years ago, Game Salute has gone, not just from strength to strength, but has also helped greatly to shape the way games funded in Kickstarter have reached the backers.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 80–Two years anniversary! Interview with The Game Crafter

Two years have gone by and they’ve barely registered in podcasting terms. It really feels like yesterday since I started the podcast, barely knowing what I was doing and how to do it.

Unboxing: The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game 21st Anniversary Edition

I wasn’t too sure as to what to expect from this game when I received it. I haven’t really played that many racing games, but this one, when it was offered caught my eye. Being re-launched for its 21st anniversary, the box is heavy and the game sounds fun, but do the contents justify the price?