How to behave in a pathetic way

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How to behave in a pathetic way

By Paco Garcia Jaen

Recently I read this post in the Boardgamegeek website and the comments that it enthused.

How thoroughly disappointing to read some of these comments.

Let me see if I have made sense of this.

Someone gets pissed off because they believe (rightly) that Games Workshop are extorting the hobby and hobbyist, and because their practises are less than ethical, decides to write a letter in rage, which he is entitled to, and makes it public.

Let’s forget about whether the letter has a leg to stand on or not, that’s not what brings me to this point.

What do people do? Insult, belittle and destructively criticise someone for exercising his right to freedom of speech.

Apart from the few who have actually contributed congruent and civilised responses (thank you for that guys), exactly what sort of people are you?

“Nerd rage”. Are we, in this particular website, using the word “nerd” as an insult? Aren’t we nerds and geeks entitled to rage? What sort of idiot calls someone else a nerd as an insult?

Not to be able to write a detailed response to his letter because you’d get a 24months ban? So what, you can’t write without insulting, laughing or bullying? Your writing skills truly are that limited? You put yourself under a very unflattering light there. Pathetic.

To complain that someone wants to entice change in a company that needs it is nothing to be insulting about. If you don’t like what he wrote, do offer some alternatives. That’s what thinking people do, you know…

Quite frankly, and please don’t let me know if this offends you, I truly don’t care, some of you have the puerile attitude of petulant teenagers.

Shame on you.


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