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How to behave in a pathetic way

By Paco Garcia Jaen Recently I read this post in the Boardgamegeek website and the comments that it enthused. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/718975/an-open-letter-to-games-workshop-let-the-campaign How thoroughly disappointing to read some of these comments. Let me see if I have made sense of this. Someone gets pissed off because they believe (rightly) that Games Workshop are extorting the hobby and…
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Dragon Rage

Hex and counter, counter and hex. However you call it, to “some” gamers it smacks of old school games. Well, I’m here to tell you that its nothing of the sort. I prefer to call it a classic approach which can work very very well.

Archetypes of the Jade Oath

Have you taken the Oath? Rite Publishing has released 20 new totem Barbarian rage powers, the Totem Pactmaster Archetype,  Order of the Ancestors and Order of the Creed for the Cavalier; A new monk archetype the Kensai, 36 new Witch hexes along with the: Dragon, Five Elements, Ghost and Jade archetypes (4 new patrons), 14…
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