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Friday 3d May 2013 – London – Magic Madhouse is currently offering the latest Magic the Gathering box set in their on-site competition. The online retailer stocks a selection of Magic the Gathering cards and decks as well as the new release Dragons Maze. The store is at present holding a giveaway which includes the Dragons Maze booster box as the winning prize. Those who are avid fans of the card game will enjoy this latest competition from the Magic Madhouse store.

“We are pleased to feature the latest Dragons Maze set in our current competition. We know our customers are avid fans of Magic the Gathering and will appreciate this fantastic prize” Michael Duke from Magic Madhouse.

The Dragons Maze is the latest set to come from the popular card game. Magic the Gathering releases many new collections each year and the Return the Ravnica trio is the most recent to come from the popular played card game. Dragons Maze comes right after the release of the Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica sets and holds within it the final of the collection.

The Dragons Maze is found within the depths of Ravnica, researched by the Izzet League. Within the maze holds an all empowering energy source which can control all guilds. A Champion from each guild must take to the maze and conquer the challenges within it as well as the opposing guild champions. Magic Madhouse is now stocking the Dragons Maze cards with many boxes, singles, packs and cases available. The store always features the latest sets from Magic the Gathering along with other major games including Pokemon, World of Warcraft and Yu – Gi – Oh.

Right now you will find a fantastic competition over on the Magic Madhouse store which features the Dragons Maze booster box. You could win the box just by entering the online form found on the competitions page. The lucky winner will receive the Dragons Maze booster box complete with 36 boosters in the pack. The competition ends on the 5th May 2013, so get your entries in quick.

About Magic Madhouse

Magic Madhouse is a store which offers a wide range of cards for popular games. Customers will find many collections available on the store including Magic the Gathering, Yu – Gi – Oh, World of Warcraft, Pokemon and more. Magic Madhouse always stocks the latest cards from these popular gaming franchises and right now MTG fans will find the Dragons Maze sets available for purchase.

To enter the competition, simply head to the Magic Madhouse competition page and enter via the online form –


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